Loose vs Tight Underwear

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Loose vs Tight Underwear

The Debate

To wear loose vs tight underwear isn't a question on the top of everybody's mind. But generally, gents will have their preference on whether they rock with loose old-school boxers or the more modern tight boxers. If you haven't consciously thought about that, ask yourself what your favourite pair of boxers in your drawers is right this very moment! Now of course, different occasions do call for different boxers. You're less likely to go out for a run wearing baggy boxers, but you may not be inclined to wear the same pair if you're lounging on the couch this Sunday afternoon.

What's your preference?

The preference for loose and tight underwear can be argued across a couple of areas. What matters more to you? Comfort, style, convenience, or a combination of all three?

Sure, you (or your partner) might like the style of a tight pair of Calvin Klein trunks! You might even go for tight underwear because you want to head for a run straight after you finish work. In these cases, comfort may not be your top priority.

If you're somebody who is all about comfort, the argument for loose vs tight boxers is still not settled. If you ask us, our bias lies with a looser fit (for obvious reasons!), but we have friends that find tight underwear to look and feel better - each to their own!

It's a subjective question overall, but having a selection of boxers to fit all activities, moods, and looks may be your best option. We don't discriminate between either option!

The problems with both

If you like rocking a pair of tight skinny jeans, baggy old-school boxers may become the worst option in your drawers. An option that leads to constant fixing and readjusting! If this is you, a slightly tighter pair may be the one to go for.

An issue with tight boxers is that they can become quite uncomfortable. But the bigger issue for many young men is that they reduce sperm quality. Studies show that tight underwear does not necessarily reduce sperm counts, but the quality takes a hit.

Finding your sweet spot...

MAVERO boxers take the best from loose boxers and tight boxers to provide a sweet spot. A stylish pair of boxers that maintains a slim fit while ensuring a more relaxed fit. Enjoy the best of what loose boxers have to offer (comfort) and the best of what tighter boxers have to offer (style)! If you are a sucker for a pair of tight boxers for any of the reasons we've discussed today, then MAVERO may not be for you - but otherwise, try them today!

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