Why Is Bamboo Viscose So Special

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Why Is Bamboo Viscose So Special

Why So Special?

So what makes bamboo viscose so special? Let's start with this: Bamboo fibers are hollow! They're microfibers, which means that they're incredibly fine and soft (you can't feel them when you wear them). And because they're hollow, they trap lots of air between their fibers. When a fabric traps lots of air like that, it gets super hot in the sun or even just under your arms on a warm day; all your sweat will be wicked away

Resistent Fabric

Bamboo viscose has unique properties, which are found in its natural environment, that is why it is more resistant than other fabrics. It usually requires less washing because it takes longer to stain and when they do get dirty they wash very easily.

It is recommended not to use any bleach products on the bamboo fabric. Bamboo fibers are especially suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it has a cooling effect on their skin. The fabric keeps you healthy thanks to the antibacterial effects of bamboo plant's natural elements. It also tends to release negative ions into the air around us, making us feel better and fresher while we wear bamboo clothing.

When You Have It All

Bamboo fabric is very popular nowadays. It's certainly no surprise to us! Because bamboo fabric feels so breathable, smooth to touch, soft and comfortable; it's these characterstics of bamboo fabric that makes it more popular day by day. However, bamboo fabrics are not only aesthetically sound; they also have something special advantages: antibacterial property, anti-static property, moisture wicking, the ability to regulate body heat better than other fabrics.

Bamboo is a green plant, naturally anti-bacterial and moisture regulating. The bamboo fiber itself can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp! When you sweat bamboo feels cool against your body, then quickly wicks away the moisture so you don't get clammy or feel damp. This keeps your skin more comfortable and keeps you feeling fresh longer.

There's a few reasons to wear bamboo viscose... Grab a pair today to see for yourself!

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