Gifting In 2024

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Gifting In 2024

What is the right gift in 2024?

Gifting gents in 2024 doesn't have to be impossible. Whether you are buying for a father, son, boyfriend, husband or your friend - this list of options should help point you in the right direction!

1. The experience - Concert, Festival or Sports Event

Buying items can be difficult. If you don't feel confident buying a product as a gift, a ticket to a music gig or to watch his favourite footy team play is always an easy way out.

2. The voucher - Restaurant or Online Store

Another option if you can't pick yourself! Vouchers sometimes feel like a cop out, but the recipient might enjoy having a bit more control on what the gift is!

3. The tech nerd - Gadgets & Consoles

There's a large community of blokes that love a gadget! Whether it's something practical or cool, if the guy you're buying a gift for is a bit of a tech nerd - get onto a website that sells gadgets.

4. The alcohol option - Whisky, Wine or Beer

You can't go wrong here if the guy likes a drink. Treat him to a nice bottle of whisky or wine. If he's more of a beer-man, get him the gift he'll be telling all his mates about the next time he's at the bar!

5. The subscription - Streaming, Music, Clothes or... Beer

Subscription economy is here to stay. For good reason too. They generally make our lives easier and more entertaining, but it's becoming a great option for a monthly treat! Gift a yearly subscription to a streaming service, Spotify or a monthly assortment of craft beers he's never had!

7. The underwear option - MAVERO boxers

Last but not least, the old classic - underwear! We always need new pairs of boxers, and sticking on a new pair never gets old. MAVERO boxers can be gifted with ease (we'll even write a message on a card if you'd like)!

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